Color Pages 1.1

Coloring books have always been a fun and absorbing activity for kids. Color Pages turns your iPad into a modern day coloring book whenever or wherever you choose.

Color Pages is a great activity on a long car ride, or home on a rainy day. If you colored outside the lines or think an alien would look better in blue instead of green it’s easy to fix with Color Pages' eraser.

Coloring pages are arranged by theme. Look for new coloring pages which will be added on a regular basis through app updates.

When you want to create your own drawings there are Doodle pages. These pages are blank. It’s a safe place to draw outside the lines because you create the lines. It’s a place where your kid can explore their creativity; and create their own unique masterpieces.


-40 coloring pages arranged by theme (more coming)

-doodling pages

-email color pages to family and friends

-save color pages to photo album

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