iSnowflake 1.4 and iSnowflake Lite 1.3

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App Description:

Do you remember what it was like being a kid, making paper snowflakes? Cutting corners, snipping edges - you never knew what it would look like until you unfolded it. Do you remember being amazed with what you had created?

Create snowflakes like you used to - on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad!

iSnowflake is an app that lets you create paper style snowflakes. You begin with a folded up piece of “paper” and then you add as many cuts as you like. When you are ready, tap the unfold button and watch the animation of your creation unfold.

Change the background and snowflake colours, add custom messages, and email them.

Create a Holiday greeting that is as unique as a real snowflake.

Features Summary:

  • create and unfold “paper” snowflakes
  • 6 and 8 point snowflakes (set in OPTIONS)
  • print instructions to fold, cut, and create your designs (requires iOS 4.2 or greater and AirPrint capable printer)
  • change the colour of your snowflake or the background
  • add custom messages
  • save snowflakes
  • share snowflakes with Facebook friends
  • email snowflakes with messages
  • iPad interface
Lite Version Limitations:
  • save only one snowflake
  • only 8 point snowflakes
  • no print feature
  • no custom messages
  • no email or Facebook post feature
  • change colours in options only
  • no iPad interface
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